Amazon Affiliate Alternatives for 2020

There’s been some massive and potentially devastating news for some people in the world of affiliate marketing, specifically, the two million plus affiliates who promote products through Amazon Associates. Commission rates are dropping drastically, an incredible change for people who’s businesses depend on Amazon Associates.

There are direct alternatives to Amazon and there are also other things that you could promote beyond just physical products that we want to introduce you to.

NOTE: We are NOT affiliates for ANY of these companies.

We just want to make available all the possible options that are out there so that you can find the affiliate program that suits you best.

Target Affiliate

Yes Target does have an affiliate program. if you go to you can sign up there. Their commission rates here are a little bit more handsome than the new ones that Amazon is offering now.

affiliate alternative target

The click-through rates are likely not going to be as great as when it was for Amazon because Amazon is a very trusted platform for buyers. Target and the other ones we’re going to share with you do you have trust as well but they’re less known for online deliveries and fewer people already have accounts ready to login and purchase.

Walmart Affiliate

What is exciting about Walmart is they are stepping up to try and compete with Amazon in terms of home deliveries. It is not two day shipping like Amazon Prime offers, but delivers quite quickly and their availability is massive, so that’s a good sign. Plus, we’ve been seeing ads for a lot of online based shopping from Walmart too.

affiliate alternative walmart

Head over to if you are interested in signing up.

B & H Photo & Video Affiliate

affiliate alternative B&H photo

B&H is an amazing company in New York that has a really great affiliate program. It is a little bit harder to get into but if you provide some volume for certain things you might be able to get access to it. They have essentially every major electronic item that you can imagine for things like photo, video and audio

Adorama Affiliate

Adorama, which is very similar to B&H and carries photography, computer, video, audio, home electronics, musical instruments, drones, and more. We can’t speak on their rates, but they’ve been around for 40+ years. You can sign up for their affiliate program here.


Teachable is an online course platform that you can use to create online courses. However did you know that some online course creators will allow you to be an affiliate for their courses? You could potentially even promote teachable itself. Find out more about their program here.

Home Depot Affiliate

Home goods was one of the hardest hit product departments in the most recent Amazon affiliate payout reduction, so for people who’s main audience was for home goods, finding a good alternative might be a predominate worry. Home Depot does have an affiliate program that might fill that gap, at least partially. Their current commission is 3% on products, mobile, and buy online pick up in-store orders, 2% on appliances, and 8% on select home d├ęcor products. Find out more here.

Going directly to the source

It’s going to be a bit more difficult, and rates are going to be likely very low when you go directly to the manufacturer or product creator. However, there are a lot of creators who have just single products and are willing to offer a little bit higher commission. If you know your niche and get creative, this may actually be one of the best routes to take in the long run.

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