The Leading Small Company Tech Trends for 2020

Small Company Technology Trends

Small Business Tech Trends

How will developments in technology affect your small company or business in 2020? From building trust to improving customer experience, tech tools permit your organization to stay productive and competitive, where other businesses may fall behind.

“88% of businesses anticipate IT budget plans to grow or remain stable over the next 12 months.”


Business with less than 100 staff members will designate:

  • 35% to hardware
  • 31% to software
  • 22% to hosted and cloud-based services
  • 11% to managed services

As companies increase spending on tech tools, it’s important to comprehend how technology trends impact your company while finding ways to implement versatile and efficient services.

A Total Mobile Experience is Needed

Let’s face it; if your website isn’t mobile-friendly and available, then it’s tough to remain competitive. Mobile internet usage will not slow in 2020, and you can expect to see more customers accessing information and payment options through technology even in brick and mortar stores.

Mobile e-commerce
Mobile Payments In-Store.

Instead of searching for a credit card, clients may now wish to use their phone to make in-store payments by holding their phone up to a terminal or scanner.

Let your customer make Mobile Payments Online.

One-click online checkouts utilizing mobile wallets gain appeal due to a better conversion rate. Solutions include Apple Pay, PayPal, One-Touch, and Visa Checkout.

Promote your business through Mobile Marketing.

Businesses increasingly take advantage of in-store mobile marketing to meet consumer demands. 32% of consumers altered their decisions about acquiring products after checking out the item details on their smart phone within brick-and-mortar shops.

Social Networking Stays Challenging But Necessary

Small Company Social Media
Plus, it takes in a small business owner’s time and marketing spending plan.

Social media remains vital to consumers.

Organizations that provide worth-while interaction increasing trust outperform the competition. Ways to do this include sharing customer interactions, leveraging employee advocacy, and structure online neighborhoods.

Alternate channels intrigue users.

From Pinterest to TikTok, you can expect to see other alternatives besides Facebook and Instagram attract attention. Consider where your target market plays and shops, as their tech use evolves.

Customer support on social platforms continually grows.

45% of consumers head to social networks when they have a concern. Businesses who support clients across social channels develop trust while enhancing brand name exposure.

Cooperation Tools Improve Company Communications

As more small business leaders count on a remote labor force to scale their organisation, collaboration software application ends up being important. These tools connect in-house personnel with professionals around the world, resulting in increased performance.

Video Conference Small Business

Packed workplaces and interaction spaces are not a choice in 2020. Rather, small company owners will need to develop methods based upon how their staff engages, what their pain points are, and will need to discover methods to provide information that is relevant to all sides.

Small Business Owners Count On HR Technology

The volatile labor market, gig economy, and tech-savvy generations lead to more employers investing in innovations for personnel. Cloud-based HR tools provide real-time information for decision-making, while employee self-service apps provide employees a sense of control over their data. More small business owners will purchase HR tech that creates a much better overall experience for personnel, making everything from recruitment, healthcare, ongoing training, and employee engagement a much better experience for everyone involved.

More Automation Investments Without Extra IT Staff

Pressure throughout a number of locations continues to push small business owners to consider ways that automation can assist their bottom line. Company leaders look for services for procedures like:

  • Accounting
  • Data management
  • Email marketing
  • Customer support

The value of a user experience that leads to user-friendly content and AI chatbots that solve everyday problems, without any need for human time or labor, can be invaluable. The hours that can be saved by automating billing, support, or marketing, frees up valuable time for any business.

Data Analytics Is Key To Smart Business Strategies

Access to data is crucial for business growth. Utilizing data to inform marketing and sales plans, more small services will use technology to perfect their method at the granular level. Inexpensive technologies can assist small business leaders obtain more useful data. With many ways to use data, including the increase to SEO and web traffic, more small companies will motivate data evaluations across multiple platforms then utilize the information to develop data-driven strategies.

Remote Working Small Company
From cloud innovations to brand-new sources of info, small business leaders who establish data-driven methods will distinguish their company from rivals and increase revenue.

Deep insights, traditionally just practical at the enterprise level, end up being standard in 2020. This standardization results in satisfying workers, clients, and stakeholders at their platform of choice, at the right time, and with appropriate details, moving business development for many years to come.

Blockchain Stays a Topic of Interest For Many Companies

Continued investments by FedEx, IBM, Wal-Mart, and Mastercard show that the interest in blockchain isn’t subsiding. Although small companies may stagnate into offering or acquiring with bitcoin, they might turn to blockchain to help secure sensitive transactions.

Block Chain Small Business

Features of particular interest include blockchain’s usage in clever contracts for finance and property in addition to help in supply chain management. In 2020, customers will face ongoing security concerns, and the adoption of blockchain might assist reduce a few of these existing concerns.

VoIP Business Telephone

With VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol., you can bring your telephone setup to the cloud, uniting your entire company with a single, innovative, cloud-based, hosted telephone system featuring business-class service. Utilizing VoIP, you can stay linked to your workplace and customers, no matter where you work.

VoIP for Small Company

The top ten advantages of VoIP for small company that you should know:

  • Security
  • Ease of access
  • Lower Expenses
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Easy Setup
  • Call Quality
  • Reliability
  • Reporting
  • Virtual Concierge & Assistants

Managed Providers

Managed IT services use a lot of things that simply aren’t possible with a smaller IT department: 24/7 monitoring, boosted data security and resilience, and the scalability to keep up with your development as your needs change and grow. Information breaches and identity theft are at an all-time high. In addition, hackers are significantly going after smaller to mid size businesses As a result, expert assistance to safeguard and secure your business is crucial.

Link Sage Digital Company Technology
Let us help you make Technology an Asset

The time, effort, and stress a manager or small business owner will go through dealing with technology they may not understand, or even need, is too much. Hours a week could be saved with with either simpler methods, or better tech solutions. Not all business may be able to afford a single IT staff member, but still have a need for support many times through the year. Managed Services is a way for Owners and Managers to save both time and money by using their resources appropriately.

Adopting managed services is an efficient method to remain current on innovation, have access to skills, and address problems related to cost, quality of service, and security. Some of the things a Managed Service may handle for you Include:

  • Security
  • Systems management
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Data storage, warehouse and management
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Network monitoring, management and security
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Software Production, Support and Maintenance
  • Business-to-Business Integration
  • Supply Chain Services
  • Marketing
  • Media

Link Sage Digital can provide help regarding issues with hardware, a digital service or product, or any other tech problems. Support can be delivered over by phone, e-mail, live assistance software, or other tool.

Bigger organizations often have internal technical support readily available to their personnel for computer-related issues. Not all business have the need or funds for a full time IT Support staff, so we here at Link Sage Digital aims to be a place for small to mid-size businesses to get professional results as they need.

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