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Amazon Affiliate Alternatives for 2020

There’s been some massive and potentially devastating news for some people in the world of affiliate marketing, specifically, the two million plus affiliates who promote products through Amazon Associates. Commission rates are dropping drastically, an incredible change for people who’s businesses depend on Amazon Associates. There are direct alternatives to Amazon and there are also …

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IT support

IT Support: Why do you need it?

Technology has ended up being an inherent part of the majority of companies today. There are a number of companies that grow solely on technology. There are other businesses that don’t have tech as one of their core functions. IT support offers assistance to such businesses. There is a misunderstanding that IT support services are …

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Work From Home

Working From Home: How AI and Technology Can Help

As more people work from their house in lieu of travelling to congested business offices, individuals are in their houses in greater numbers than ever before balancing both occupational tasks and home duties. From sticking to a set schedule to assigning a certain area of the home as a workplace, people are looking for beneficial …

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The Leading Small Company Tech Trends for 2020

Small Business Tech Trends How will developments in technology affect your small company or business in 2020? From building trust to improving customer experience, tech tools permit your organization to stay productive and competitive, where other businesses may fall behind. “88% of businesses anticipate IT budget plans to grow or remain stable over the next …

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Samantha Bowman

Link Sage Digital is happy to bring you a new site for an amazing artist! is the new official online home of Samantha Bowman, Photographer, Writer, and Vocal Artist. We were more than happy to bring her a site that reflects who she is. She’s more than happy with the result! We will be …

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